February / March 2019

Hello everyone,

The Court Club has had a tremendous year.  Thank you to everyone that joined and participated in our meetings, Auction and /or Raffle.

We had

  • 4 General Membership meetings
  • Our Head Coach and 3 Assistant Coaches spoke
  • Special speakers Jerry Carino and Justin Piasecki
  • A very successful Auction
  • A very successful Floor Loge Raffle

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Coach Pikiell and he is very appreciative of our support.  Please try to attend every game that you can and be proud of the fight and competitiveness that has been instilled into this team  Just think how far our team has come from Game #1 to today.

The requirements to get our players up to the level to play competitively include things that we see and many that we do not.

Some examples:

  • Actual games
  • Team and Individual Practices
  • Walk throughs
  • Shoot arounds
  • Film Studies
  • Study Halls
  • Community Services

If you think back to when you were 18-22 years old (and in school) I am sure you remember the fantastic times you spent with your friends participating in various social activities.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that our players have these opportunities too but their priorities are much different with the team requirements that are noted above.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of the season.  Enjoy the Build!!

Go RU!!


Elliott Sacks
President – Rutgers Court Club